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Our auditors are ready to assist you in the various phases of the audit, from the planning phase of the audit to the reporting of the audit. We have experience in a variety of industries, from healthcare to asset management. We are also trained in the provision of other financial services to help you better serve your clients.

Audit Services 

Our experts offer full consulting support following international reporting standards for the structuring of tax incentives, compliance and strategic intervention on reducing the associated cost, astute analysis of management reports and prepare annual financial statements

Reduce the overhead costs of sourcing, hiring, and on-boarding your internal audit team by outsourcing your internal audit activities to us. We can help improve the effectiveness of your risk management, control and governance processes.

Our audit professionals are experienced in providing internal audit solutions to various clients around the world. They deliver better results with their experience, independence, and objectivity.

Internal audits help businesses improve the efficiency of their operations by improving the performance and value of their business. Internal audit services in Dubai add value and enhance business operations to achieve business strategic objectives and objectives by evaluating and controlling internal risk factors and governance processes.

Financial audit reports are also referred to as external audits and help to identify issues that arise in the internal financial operation and critical insights that can help the company address current and future threats and challenges to decision-making accordingly. Financial audit reports consist of the balance sheet, profit and loss, the cash flow statement and the change in the equity statement.

Through process mining, our business analysts will help you find opportunities for improvement and eliminate unnecessary steps in your business processes. We provide you with tools and techniques for process discovery, control, data, organizational and social structures based on event logs.

We can help you minimize risk and improve controls by conducting a continuous risk assessment and control assessment.

Designed to complement your annual internal audit, these functions will allow you to better understand your processes and identify areas of improvement that may not be apparent during the internal audit. In addition, you can monitor your processes and confirm that your expected performance and efficiency levels are being met.

Without the capacity to make sense of the data your organization collects, you’re sitting on a gold mine without the right tools from a skilled miner. Let us help you collect and study your data, recommend the design of a database, and introduce methods and procedures for collecting, analyzing and managing data in order to make more efficient use of it.

Market instability and other economic factors are driving firms with small funds to liquidate the company. Company liquidation is a very time-consuming and complicated procedure, as the government authorities in the UAE are asking for a company liquidation audit report which shows that the company does not have any kind of liabilities.

Businesses in the UAE must prepare for official and compulsory audits by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) as it has been one year since VAT was introduced in the UAE. Tax audit ensures that all tax returns and tax matters comply with the rules and laws of the FTA.